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Are you ready to make a quantum leap?

One of the biggest obstacles people face when establishing and promoting their online presence is TIME. Quantum Branding accelerates the learning curve and shows you the blueprint on crafting + marketing your unique brand in proper alignment with your goals... whatever that means for you! This package was crafted for graduates of Functional Spirit Science who are finally ready to establish their online presence and get the brand awareness they deserve.
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  • What will I walk away with?

    Quantum Branding provides the blueprint for creating + promoting your very own brand across a wide array of platforms. Align your LIFESTYLE and your BRANDING swiftly and effectively, and learn how to achieve your goals in the quantum realm.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    Choose one of TWO quantum possibilities: #1: THREE-WEEK QL - Includes two weekly meetings (60min) + two lessons over 3 weeks, OR #2: SIX-WEEK QL: Includes four weekly meetings (60min) + four lessons over 6 weeks

  • What's included?

    Along with your weekly 1:1 sessions, your coursework includes video lessons, worksheets, personalized lesson plans, goal tracking and step-by-step instructions on how to create and market your brand.

  • What IS a "Manifesting Generator?"

    Manifesting generators, as explained in Human Design & Destiny Mapping, are those types of people defined by their distinct abilities to both Respond and Create. Acting in full alignment, MG's hold incredible energy and can apply their skills to a multitude of tasks. Unsure of your type? More info on Human Design available below.