Gaining Mental Clarity & Purpose

Examining the subconscious

It's time for you to incorporate a multitude of mindfulness practices and observations including meditation, physical movement, journaling and perspective assessments in order for you to gain a greater, more aligned version of self. Utilizing the functional science of epigenetics, (which allows changes in the function of DNA) we help you identify and achieve your ideal life by implementing simple, easy practices into your daily life. These practices steadily build a new reality of enjoyment and wellness for you now. This program is meant for those who are ready to institute immediate, positive change in their lives. Tired of putting off your mental and physical wellness for another day? Click the link below to check availability and reserve your spot today!
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Functional Spirit Science is for you if:

  • You are ready to leave behind feelings of stress, anxiousness, worry and doubt.

  • You have a genuine curiosity in the spiritual realm and ALSO want to incorporate scientific methodologies.

  • You place value in your quality of life and the decisions made within it.

  • You want to further emphasize your focus on self-care and intentional love.

  • You enjoy existing in a perpetually blissful state, and want to explore additional, holistic options.

  • You are ready to set aside previous "limitations" and shift to the next level.

Functional Spirit Science is NOT for you if:

  • You prefer to focus on what you already know, rather than expanding.

  • You do NOT wish to advance your cognitive abilities or strengthen your true mental capacity

  • You do not believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves.

  • You are happy and content with your current lifestyle, diet and work routine.

An Inside Look at "FSS"

Individualized quality of life through truth in science.

"I've been interested in individualized medicine since beginning work in a compounding pharmacy at the age of 18. From that point forward, I have searched relentlessly for the key to optimal, individualized quality of life. That search brought me through pharmacy school, the leadership of an independently owned compounding pharmacy, my fellowship in nutritional & metabolic medicine and into my current practice of regenerative medicine consulting; helping people achieve optimal health and happiness through steady application of truth in science, while never forgetting our humanity."

-Jenna W. Clack

It was a genuine interest in helping others that first led Jenna to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy. She was tired of watching a protocol-driven system fail the individuals it was built to serve. Her advanced degrees (Pharm.D, FAAMFM, ABAAHP) give her a unique and professional perspective rooted in both science and experience. 

Through individual attention and patient-specific therapies, Jenna has fine-tuned the art of anti-aging and regeneration by utilizing a variety of modalities in her sessions, including meditation, journaling and physical movement.. to name a few. 

Jenna prides herself on finding new and innovative ways to help the human body achieve neurohormonal homeostasis. Through her advanced understanding of epigenetics, hormonal pathways, methylation, detoxification and metabolic/functional medicine, Jenna's approach has been utilized by patients and practitioners alike. 

Rather than fitting patients into pre-destined medical protocol, she treats patients accordingly: as individuals. Using practical, scientific tools, deep contextual intelligence, and empathetic application at the soul level, Dr. Clack serves synergistically in every interaction entertained.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

You may delay but time will not.

  • I'm not worth the time or investment.
  • Right now is just not the right time. I have a lot going on at the moment.
  • I just need to make it through the week, then everything will be okay.
  • I've already tried feeling better at least a hundred different ways and it didn't work... Feeling a little skeptical at this point.
  • I've seen enough to know there has to be something more comprehensive.
  • I'm done putting myself at the bottom of my own priority list.

Ready to stop making excuses for health's sake?!

  • Instead of "just making it through" the week, you will relish every minute of it.
  • There actually is another way to move forward.. and it's way easier than you could ever imagine.
  • Update your priority list and allow space for YOU to learn & grow as a mindful individual. 

You have finally found that someone to help you reach the next level in your life. Someone to listen to your words and direct your intuition towards the achievement of your goals and dreams. If you're tired of making excuses and ready to get busy living your life, let us show you a better way.

The only obstacles in your path are the ones you placed there. Stop delaying your health and happiness and discover how easy it is to find balance moving forward. FSS not only balances your hormones and reduces stress levels... it also provides you with the blueprint of how to design your optimal life, beginning with your individual goals and aspirations. You've already seen what doesn't work. Ready for something else? Register today.

Measuring Your Perspective

RHETI / Enneagram perspective analysis

Included with your enrollment is the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI version 2.5) personality test. Once complete (approx. 30 minutes) you are provided a descriptive analysis of your personality and perspective, ranked across 9 unique personality types. These results will highlight your tendencies to act in everyday situations and, more importantly, how you react with the other personality types. Learn how conflicting viewpoints become adversary in the first place by taking an objective, empathetic and outside look at your PERSPECTIVE.

Balance Your Hormones

Looking for balance? Start here.

Given that our bodies, mind and spirit are driven by the very nature of our hormonal levels, we prefer to start at 'square one' and find that neuro-hormonal balance we require for exponential growth. Upon signup, you will be prompted to choose one of two potential ad-ons.

If choosing the hormonal balance option, we will have a "do it yourself" salivary hormone test kit sent directly from ZRT laboratories to your doorstep.

This non-invasive & easy-to-use kit will arrive at your home within two weeks. Once submitted and successfully received from the lab, Dr. Clack formulates a plan of action based on your unique hormonal profile for our next meeting. It's that simple! The hormones included are, but not limited to, estrogens (E1, E2, E3), testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, cortisol and thyroid levels.

*Availability based on location. Please inquire for further details.

Destiny Mapping

What have the stars aligned for you?

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your astrological chart, based on the stars' alignment at the exact moment you were born! 

From here, you will be provided deep insight into your human design and genetic code, another useful tool in furthering our advancement as individuals. 

This in depth, highly-individualized process explores not only the stars alignment at your birth, but also the planetary structure and what those represent. Not sure what all of this means? No worries! Your chart comes complete with explanations, graphs, and tons of useful info for you to utilize (approx. 30 pages long, based on archetype).

Using a combination of human design, gene keys, astrology and science, you will get an entirely new viewpoint on your 'blueprint' to this life. 

*Note: To successfully utilize this option, you MUST have your exact time, date and place of birth (i.e. birth certificate).

Success Stories

Real beliefs. Real Science. Real Results.

"It is always worth it to invest in your health. You will never regret feeling better."

"I now feel empowered to take charge of my health so that I can better serve all the people that I love."

What's included?

Sign up today and receive the following:

  • Three-month consultation package

  • Weekly Zoom meetings (60min)

  • Personal mission statement + action plan

  • Journal prompts

  • Cultivated playlists

  • Movement assignments

  • Meditations

  • RHETI (Enneagram) test + debriefing

  • Space creation method of selection, learning and regulation to gain confidence, peace & abundance

  • Destiny mapping with human design consultation

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