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Finding time and motivation to get and stay in shape can seem overwhelming. This class was designed with the following in mind.

  • You are a young professional looking to improve your health and quality of life for both yourself and your loved ones.

  • You are hesitant to try or easily get off track on traditional exercise and diet programs.

  • You are looking for the motivation to get back into shape, or

  • You are already "in shape," but are looking to gain an edge.

  • You are curious about intermittent fasting and its health benefits and need a starting point.

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the FAST5 Weekly Challenge - A FAST2Fit Program

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  • 02

    Day 1

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    • Outline: Day 1
    • Activity: Identifying Poor Eating Habits
    • About the Activity
    • Recipes
    • Physical Activity
  • 03

    Day 2

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    • Video: Enjoying Physical Activity
    • Outline: Day 2
    • Recipes
    • Physical Activity
  • 04

    Day 3

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    • Outline: Day 3
    • Lesson: Waking with Water
    • Recipes
    • Physical Activity
  • 05

    Day 4

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    • Outline: Day 4
    • Video: Intro to Intermittent Fasting
    • Activity: Identify Your Purpose
    • Recipes
    • Physical Activity
  • 06

    Day 5

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    • Outline: Day 5
    • Notes on Celebrating Success
    • Recipes
    • Physical Activity
  • 07

    Next Steps...

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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...

Your Instructor:

Instructor Bio:

As a father, pharmacist, and integrative nutrition coach, Brian understands that balancing your professional and personal lives can seem difficult, so he decided to help! Using both his knowledge and experience, Brian has compiled a series of helpful courses, as well as other content, to assist young professionals on a healthy path forward. From intermittent fasting to individualized workout plans, explore a new perspective on wellness.

Brian Bisher

Pharmacist, Instructor, and Integrative Nutrition Coach

Brian Bisher


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the course focus on?

    Our focus is your individual health, through daily physical activity and intermittent fasting. By including an activity schedule for 5 consecutive days, we will demonstrate how easy it can be to achieve true wellness.

  • What is included in the course?

    Along with the worksheets and videos to assist your progress, you will find a shopping list, recipes, and physical activity to be completed over 5 days.

  • What separates this from other, similar courses?

    By focusing on both the MENTAL and the PHYSICAL aspects of our wellness, this course offers specific guidance to both establish and reach these goals.