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Stress, anxiety and doubt are no longer your burden to bear.

Here's a fact: You are a powerful being who has only just begun to understand the depths of your true, energetic abilities. What comes next? Learning to access and utilize these natural gifts. Empress Energy Alignment guides you through the process by introducing a whole new world of holistic concepts & alternative therapies, all for the purpose of aligning YOU with YOURSELF.
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How Do We Align?

Optimal lifestyle in three easy steps.

  • Learning

    First, we expand our knowledge and learn about all the tools available at your disposal, i.e. books, ideas, therapies, meditations, etc.

  • Selection

    Next, we select the tools that work best in achieving your individual goals and establish a plan-of-action.

  • Regulation

    Finally, we show you how to successfully utilize these tools in your daily life to achieve energetic satisfaction.


  • What exactly is Empress Energy Alignment?

    Empress Energy Alignment (EEA) is a 1:1 intuitive lifestyle-review session with Dr. Jenna W. Clack, in which we discuss and analyze your optimal lifestyle. Once we have identified how and where you would like to make lifestyle changes, then we show you how to successfully implement them.

  • How does the process work?

    Once signed-up, you are sent a link to schedule your 1:1 meeting with Dr. Clack. The intuitive session lasts one hour, and this is where we get into detail regarding your goals, obstacles, aspirations, energies, etc. Once these milestones have been identified, Jenna needs 72 hours to complete your three page lifestyle optimization plan, which is then sent directly to you.

  • What will I gain?

    In creating an optimal existence, you will naturally gain a better understanding of "self," as well as how to craft your ideal lifestyle by selecting only the people, places and things YOU prefer; without compromise.

You're worth it.

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