What is the Blue Zone Lifestyle?

Join the journey of the Clack Family and their Friends as they Clack the Code on living life the Blue Zone way.

  • Happy is Healthy and Healthy is Happy. Blue Zone guided lifestyle offers guidance on all spheres of wellness for a holistic approach that doesn’t leave you waiting for answers.

  • We’ve prepared little bits of useful information that can be applied right away to deliver the optimal wellness lifestyle you’ve been seeking.

  • Learn to Feed your Cellular Responses to Communicate optimally with your body to achieving health and happiness more easily.

  • Wellness Community (virtual counts!! ) ... real life hang outs to solidify bonds with your like-minded besties!

Full Script Supplements

When choosing ways to nutritionally support your body, quality matters. Studies show that many over the counter supplements are regularly inconsistent in strength and mixed with food-grade fillers. A pharmacist by training, I feel it's necessary to know exactly what you are putting into your body. I'm happy to provide you with this link with pharmaceutical grade supplements available for your use. Be Well.

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Gemstone Yoni

Connecting your mind, body, and spirit as a woman is an endless learning experience. Precious gemstones have been used throughout history as tools for connection. Yoni egg practices allow a simple path to further feminine freedom and increased control of muscular and nervous system response to emotional, spiritual, and physical touch. Learn Yourself and Love Yourself. Click to Explore

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Instructor Bio:

During all my time consulting on anti-aging and regenerative medicine, some obvious patterns in lifestyle behavior for successful patients became more and more clear. These patterns promote both optimal happiness and health leading to longer life. They aren’t always easy to describe or apply… which is why we’ve created a way to CLACK THE CODE - making happy healthy living easy and fun! There’s so much information around now about how to be your best self that you’d be your best self to ignore most of it!! When it comes down to it, we are all individuals who have unique paths to living our best lives…. There are, however, some behavioral cues we can take from the people who consistently live longer than the rest of us…. The trick is applying these behaviors in a way that you can really apply in your day-to-day. That’s why we created CLACK THE CODE. I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to feel like I’m giving up my life to live. So many wellness regimens leave much to be desired in the fun zone. We all want to be healthier and build happiness effortlessly, and since we’ve been on this journey both personally and professionally, we decided to make the leap and dedicate our lives to discovering the easiest, most fun ways to live forever. Follow us as we learn (together) to CLACK THE CODE to a long healthy life!

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