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For patients and practitioners alike, ClacktheCode provides original content for enhanced lifestyle quality and longevity.

  • You have a healthy fascination with neurohormonal pathways and how they contribute to "who we are."

  • You already know that environment plays a significant role in how we live our lives, and want to learn how to implement positive changes.

  • You want to discover new, more natural methods of lowering stress levels and improving quality of life.

  • You have a genuine interest in improving yourself both physically and emotionally, in a judgment-free community of professionals.

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Successfully balancing hormone/thyroid/stress levels

What is the program, and what will I walk away with?

-Balanced hormone/thyroid/stress levels

-Recommendations based on your individual test results

-A deeper understanding of your neurohormonal system

-Mental, emotional & spiritual guidance

Hormone Consultations by Appointment

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We recently created several NEW consultation options for testing / recommendation procedures, with regards to your hormonal/thyroid/stress levels. Click below to visit the Course page and explore your options. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!
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Browse a large selection of high-quality vitamins & supplements, delivered right to your door. Click to learn more!
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Gemstone Yoni

Precious gemstones have been used throughout history as tools for connection. Learn the myriad of benefits provided with Yoni eggs.
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Physician-formulated supplements, continuously raising the bar in both quality and innovation. Click to learn more.
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